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HTML Basic Template (Premium)

Advance Design

Basic Templates are pre-made web-design products that are essentially standard website templates. They represent a great solution to promote your business on the web at a most reasonable cost.

HTML Intermediate Template (Premium Plus)

A versatile theme, enhanced with Java Script and CSS programming technology. This technology is the latest trend among internet users and skilled webmasters today.

XHTML Custom Built Design (Deluxe /SEO compatibility)

Take your website design to the next level with our custom-designed websites. Enhanced with JQuery, Java Script, and CSS Programming technology. Easily customized to meet the unique requirements of your project and the way you want to present yourself. The perfect choice if you are looking for a modern and powerful online presence, equipped for best performance, and cross-browser compatibility.

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Flash Basic (Premium/Visual Effects)

Advance Design

The perfect choice to give your website some interactive features, with a creatively sharp design that will make your website stand out and really lets your content shine.

Flash Advanced (Deluxe /Visual Effects)

The next generation for web design. It has all the features for creating a unique and personalized website. This high-end technology is suitable for every kind of business, with control over all major design elements. It offers unlimited possibilities for the use of interactive design, layout, typography, animation and much more.

Animated Banner (Deluxe /Visual Effects)

A fully animated banner built using Flash latest actionScript. Still images are just not enough to make your website stand out, get more out of your design. Whether it is used for a website ad or as a main header you can custom design a banner to your needs. Add some motion to your site, pull your visitors and keep them interested in your website content and what you have to offer. The sky is the limit.

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Basic Contact Form (Premium)


Advanced Contact Form (Deluxe/Extra Secure)

Advanced Contact form contains multiple text fields, using PHP back-end setup to transfer the information quick and safely to your e-mail inbox. It is the ultimate way to receive your clients' info and allow them to request further info about your business and stay directly connected through your site.

Additional Security: protect your private form content and important data from being Hacked, depending on your hosting provider and your browser sometimes these files are not protected and can be accessed and even execute it. With our advanced PHP back-end forms sensitive data will be protected from direct file access if a hacker tries to execute the script through the browser.

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Advance Design

Basic Gallery (Premium)

A simple and elegant way to share high quality images. Super-fast image loading navigate everything from one page. Our gallery is set up as image sets, group-related images you can navigate through them with ease, cool transitions, backwards compatibility, and it works on all modern browsers.

Advanced Gallery (Deluxe)

A slick, intuitive and easy-to-use photo gallery. If you have many images to share, then this is the right choice for you. Overlays images on the current page through the power and flexibility of jQuery´s, built using the JavaScript framework with the best effects - visually very impressive.

Html Splash Page (Premium)

A powerful way to start a website to say the least, this is a sure attention grabber, Super clean intro page for your business. Perfect for any type of business and personal websites.

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Advanced Flash Intro (Deluxe /Visual Effects)

Make an impact with our sleek and fast-paced with vibrant colors and eye catching transitions --perfect for any type of business or personal website. Up to ten hours of design includes cross-browser compatibility, flexible layout, high quality images and a unique design fully customized to your taste.

Basic Animation (Premium Plus)

We create active graphics through digital technology and computer animation software. Whether it is for a website intro, banner ad or a header, we work with our clients in developing concepts and pitching ideas to deliver a high quality product that they will be proud to present. Up to five hours of animation.

Advanced Animation (Deluxe /Visual Effects)

We create active graphics through digital technology and computer animation software. Whether it is for a website intro, banner ad or a header we work with our clients in developing concepts and pitching ideas to deliver a high quality product that they will be proud to present. Up to ten hours of animation.

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Credit Card Processing

Add to Cart buttons enable your buyers to add items to your PayPal Shopping Cart while browsing your entire site. When finished, your buyers can make their purchases quickly and securely on PayPal-hosted payment pages. You may also choose from wide variety of different types of buttons that best suits your needs.

Advance Design

Search Engine Optimization

With the high demand of SEO --everyone wants to be at the first page of all the large search engines like Google Yahoo and Bing--content meta tagging and traffic blazing can play a major roll here. More importantly, however, search engine robots and crawlers are searching daily for links and data pointing to web sites which can make a major difference in your ranking. Just like Hollywood ("who knows you", it is very important for others to recommend you or in this case, your site, to search engines in order for them to give you a good ranking. But more importantly, is who is recommending you and this is where Online Directories Submissions comes to work. We will save you the time in handling directory mails by creating a separate email account for you and submitting your site and description to all major directories that feed into hundreds of search engines. We handle all the directory emails and make all your directory submissions manually, thus ensuring the highest levels of accuracy for your submissions.

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Search Engines Submission

Search Engines Submission are one of the most important ways to gain traffic. Yahoo, Google, and MSN are the top search engines. They receive more hits than you could ever even dream of. By submitting your website to be listed in their search results, you will be able to capture a small part of the huge audience that use search engines every day.

Standard Meta Tagging

Meta tags are essential to gaining a better ranking on crawler-based search engines. The most valuable feature they offer the website owner is the ability to control to some degree how their web pages are described by most search engines.

Advanced Meta Tagging

Advanced Meta Tag: Inclusion of content to aid search engines. We pay special attention to both the meta keywords tags and the meta description tags that can contribute significantly to your search engine ranking. Meta description tag increases the likelihood that a person will actually click on the search engine results page and visit your site.

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Advance DesignFacebook Like Button

The Like button lets a user share your content with friends on Facebook. When the user clicks the Like button on your site, a story appears in the user's friends' News Feed with a link back to your website.

Social Media Share

More sharing equals more views and more traffic to your site. Enable your audience to share your content across all of their social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more) with just one click.

For more details, call us today and ask about our web design Packages! High-quality, custom-built website design and development at the most competitive price. Specially tailored to your individual needs.

Wide Browser Support - W3C Web Standards

Internet Explorer Firefox Opera Google Chrome Safari

With Web Browsers, ISP Providers, and Hosting Companies constantly improvement their systems and new more sophisticated programming languages constantly appearing to keep up with the current technology, many Websites can fall behind in code validation fairly quickly. You'll notice that many of the older websites that have not been updated or even some of the newer made sites that was built using older methods, page structure and coding, will begin to slow down, or function improperly, image links break, URL links break and basic HTML begins to show up improperly. There are many problems that can occur when coding a site incorrectly or using older programming methods.

All our Packages and code are built to the highest and latest W3C web standards, which means flawless structure, extensive browser support and greatest performance. Furthermore, we actively test and evaluate the newest standards as soon as they appear, so that we can be the first to safely use them in our web design projects.

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